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Fia Raboy

About Fia Raboy

Fia Raboy is an OC resident. But this SD born-and-raised little woman, known as 5-Foot Frenzy or 5’ Foodie, never hesitates to travel back to her hometown to see friends and family on a monthly basis—at times biweekly. In addition to eating, blogging, and taking food photography, you can catch her flying out of state once in a while, drawing cartoon characters, dancing for Zumba, being a proud science nerd, and—like a stereotypical Filipino—singing through a karaoke mic. On a serious note, she is pursuing to be a dental hygienist to not only clean teeth, but educate her future patients to cut back on sweets, and to maintain the pearly whites in order to enjoyably bite on that juicy steak. She might be a shorty and be oftentimes shy, but she may not be timid at all once you see her voracious appetite! Facebook | Twitter

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