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Published on December 10th, 2012 | by Lindsay N. Lauters


Top 5 Food Trucks in San Diego 2012

There are a lot of amazing food trucks in San Diego. With weather this good and an urban landscape this sprawl-y, it’s easy to see why: dining al fresco, a craft beer scene with minimal public transit, and the ocean air just go well together.

I’ve scoured San Diego food truck gatherings for the best mobile offerings, and I’ve put together a list with plenty of variety that’s sure to please your tastebuds.

But there’s a lot more out there than just these five trucks – did I leave your absolute favorite off the list? Do you agree or disagree that truck #1 reigns supreme? Let me know about it in the comments!

#5 The Pierogi Truck

Big, purple, and (frankly) not the best looking truck in the world, the Pierogi Truck isn’t the obvious choice. That is, until you order a heaping helping of their home-made pierogis. Drizzled with carmelized onions, bacon pieces, and garlic-yogurt dip, the tender skins of the boiled pierogis hold a wealth of fillings. My personal favorites are the spinach and the potato and cheese, but the Pierogi Truck offers up a wide variety of sweet and savory goodies. There aren’t many great Polish restaurants in San Diego, so this truck scratches a unique itch – and does it well.

Pierogi Truck San Diego EatSD

#4 God Save the Cuisine

This British pub food truck is run by two brothers who moved to the land of beer, sun, and honey to make their fortune. They serve up British pub favorites with a San Diego twist, like fish and chips tacos and spiced lamb curry with vegetables from Susie’s Farms. What really caught my tongue’s fancy, though, is their dessert – the Eton Mess. A dream of fresh whipped cream and berries, this sweet will stick to your heart with as much fervor as the home-made meringue clings to your molars.

God Save The Cuisine San Diego EatSD

#3 Red Oven Pizza Truck

Red Oven Pizza San Diego EatSDA recent find, and not so much a food truck as a food trailer. Red Oven is aptly named for the real brick oven that these gents tow from the back of their truck. They make a real, Neopolitan-style pizza right in front of you, from stretching the dough, to dressing it, to baking it, and finally delivering it to you on a silver platter. It’s a treat to see the process from start to finish, and takes only 7-10 minutes even when they’re busy.

It’s simple food, with great ingredients. The Red Oven guys are clearly focused on the pizza, service, and little else: they carry three drinks (water, Coke, and real Aranciata in the little bottles), and the iPad they use to process credit cards is covered in flour. Their dedication pays off, because the pizza is really, really fresh, crispy, flavorful, and good. They sprinkle little salt crystals on the crust, and they pile salumi and prosciutto onto their Parma pizza. In fact, I’m not sure how they stay in business when they’re putting $7 worth of prosciutto on a $10 pizza, but I’m not going to ask too many questions.

#2 Slow Cal BBQ Truck

Big Phil’s fan? Well, forget about it. Seriously. Please don’t hunt me down with pitchforks – find this Southern-style plate lunch BBQ truck instead, and see for yourself.

Slow Cal makes its own sauces and specializes in slow-roasted pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs. You can pile any meat you chose on top of a buttered and toasted bun, or you can live dangerously with a Church Plate lunch. Choose two (hefty) sides, and the boys at Slow Cal will pile a steaming mess of meat onto a slice of white bread for your eating pleasure. If you ask nicely, they’ll even sell you a homemade bottle of sauce for slopping on your steaks at home.

Slow Cal BBQ Truck San Diego EatSD

#1 MIHO Gastrotruck

MIHO Gastrotruck food truck san Diego EatSDFounded and run by Juan Miron and Kevin Ho (The “MI” and “HO”), this truck sources farm-fresh ingredients to bring only the most succulent and earthy to their wheeled kitchens. MIHO Gastrotruck is the total package. They sell shirts, drinks and desserts along with some inspired farm-to-table goodies, they host events, they bring blankets so you can sit in the grass without getting wet. They change up their menu with the seasons, they cater weddings, and they host pop-up dinners and holiday take-out (MIHO at Home). They just get it.

But all these bells and whistles would mean nothing without some truly sublime food – and MIHO delivers, on all counts. Try their burger with a side of fries and moroccan-spice ketchup, their torta (if you can find it), or their vegetarian entree. It might surprise you.


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7 Responses to Top 5 Food Trucks in San Diego 2012

  1. I’ve been dying to try MIHO, Slow Cal BBQ sounds great too.

  2. Huge fan of The Gooch as well. Definitely agree that Miho reigns in the city though.

  3. I’ve never figured out all the fuss over MIHO. Not a fan of God Save the Cuisine either but I suppose if you like British food they are good. All the others are great picks! Only left off Mangia Mangia!

  4. Courtney says:

    all of this trucks are great but I wanna know why Operacaffe mobile is not on the list since they have the best pork shank and lasagna in Sd

  5. @6c830faa900854a32f422e95470e565d:disqus : I havent’ tried Operacaffe mobile but a port shank lasagna sounds amazing. We’ll have to check them out for next Top Food Trucks list. =)

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