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Published on October 14th, 2012 | by Mike Scarbrough

Honey Nut Waffle & Tree Hugger Scramble @ Kensington Cafe

Honey Nut Waffle & Tree Hugger Scramble @ Kensington Cafe Mike Scarbrough




Kensington Cafe Breakfast Review

Kensington Cafe is a dog friendly, neighborhood spot. The outdoor patio stretches around the corner. The nice thing about this cafe is you can bring your favorite K-9 to eat all of your breakfast when you get up to use the restroom. If you’re coming on a busy weekend you can visit the Kensington Pet Supply store next door to get your dog a bone while you are waiting for your table to be ready.

One thing I can say about Kensington Cafe, I wish I lived closer. Driving from Pacific Beach to Kensington, isn’t far, but it’s a bit of a drive just for breakfast. I haven’t spent much time in Kensington, but this cafe would give me a reason to be here more often.

So what’s the deal with Kensington Cafe?

The waffles man. Not the “waffles man” as in a walking waffle that breathes, sleeps and has a beating pulse of maple syrup and butter, but simply put, the waffles, man. As if candied walnuts, honey and bananas weren’t enough to get all ballistic on that waffle’s ass, I had to go one step beyond and add strawberries. Now, there’s a waffle with berries on the menu (A Berry Good Thing), but I couldn’t decide between this or the “Honey Gone Nuts” waffle, so I combined the two into a mutant super waffle that can’t be defeated by a mere fork and knife! In your face Kensington Cafe! I made my own waffle, I do what I want!

Was it good?

In a word, yes. In three words “Oh hell yes”. The outside of the waffle is crispy, the inside a soft pillow, nice flavor. Really enjoyed the candied walnuts, and the bananas and maple syrup all went together really well. My only regret, I should have added whipped cream.

Have I turned into a Tree Hugger?

If you’re going to have a waffle you gotta balance it out with some protein and non-sweet eats. That’s when the Tree Hugger Egg Scrambles plate comes in. Includes mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese and served with breakfast potatoes and wheat or sourdough toast. Nicely seasoned potatos, the wheat toast was especially pleasing. Not some off the store shelf bread from a bag, the bread is clearly baked fresh. This was a great breakfast. I have to tell you, I didn’t realize this plate was vegetarian as I ordered it on a whim. Now, I consider myself one of those dirty carnivores that enjoys candied pig parts and sucking on beef lollipops and lamb tomahawks. But I must confess, this one time, I had a vegetarian dish, and loved it. Shhh don’t tell anybody.

Also note-worthy, Kensington Cafe serves lunch and dinner. In addition they have Happy Hour between 4pm-7pm daily. Lots of starters and small plates at happy hour prices as well as a respectable selection of beer.  For dessert I hear the Roast-It-Yourself-Smores experience is something worth checking out.

4141 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
Neighborhood: Kensington

(619) 640-0494

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