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Published on October 22nd, 2012 | by Mike Scarbrough

Grass-fed Burgers from Zen Cows @ Burger Lounge

Grass-fed Burgers from Zen Cows @ Burger Lounge Mike Scarbrough




Burger Lounge La Jolla Review

Burger Lounge does fast food different. Instead of the factory farmed, GMO corn fed, antibiotic and hormone lovin’ production line mentality of most fast food restaurants, Burger Lounge steps in and leads the way to a more responsible and healthy approach to feed the hungry masses.

Their free roaming cows graze naturally on tall, green prairie land grass. They use no hormones, antibiotics, grain or corn. The benefit of grass-fed beef is higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, higher CLA, vitamin A and beta-carotene. Not to mention grass-fed beef is so much tastier!

Burger Lounge sources its meat from Rain Crow Ranch, a small family farm located near Doniphan, Missouri. Not only is the meat healthier and tastier, it’s from happy cows that free roam and graze on prairie land. These cows don’t have the stress that factory farmed cows endure. And the results are a tastier and healthier burger, bottom line.

The Break down

The Lounge Burger: Their original grass-fed burger. Served with an organic whole wheat bun, crisp lettuce, house-made 1000 island, organic cheese (white cheddar or American) and fresh or grilled onion.

The first thing I noticed was the slightly firm whole wheat bun, not some squishy, quick to be mushy flap of bread after 2 minutes of soaking up condiments like at other burger joints. The bun remains as one, like a zen bun should. The meat was very tasty. Usually a greasy burger would turn me off a bit, but the taste of the fat on this grass-fed beef patty is amazing, so we’ve turned the burger matrix on it’s head. The juice runs off the burger into your tray, which is A-okay.  I should have ordered it medium rare as it was cooked closer to medium and I wished it was a bit more rare, but that’s my fault. The organic cheese melted nicely on the beef patty. Burger Lounge uses iceberg lettuce, which is pretty old school in that you’d think they’d use lettuce from this decade (romaine etc), considering a burger of this caliber. But it makes sense, if they used romaine it would wilt quickly, so they use iceberg because it stays crisp and cool when under heat.

Fresh-cut French Fries

These puppies are cooked in 100% refined peanut oil and twice cooked in the Belgian tradition. What I liked about these fries was the crispiness, and chopped garlic and herbs sprinkled on top. Burger Lounge takes regular ol’ average fries and turns them into something to slap yo momma about. But  no they don’t come with your burger, there’s no #1 special, it’s just an add on. Overall, nice crispy fries. Not the best I’ve had, but certainly above average, especially for a fast food-esque burger joint.

Yeah, I know it costs more than other burger places, but seriously, it’s worth it. If you just get a burger with no fries and bring your own drink, it’s like $8 bucks, that’s the cost of any other lunch you’ll find around here.

Their milkshakes are nothing short of awesomeness. Come on’ buddy, put the straw in your mouth and have a shake-gasm.

Roll over In-N-Out, There’s a new burger in town.

1101 Wall St
La Jolla, CA 92037
Neighborhood: La Jolla

(858) 456-0196

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