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Published on December 7th, 2012 | by Ashley Shafer


Lestat’s Coffee House: An Art & Music Hub

Lestat’s Coffee House Review – One-Stop-Shop

It’s the one-stop-shop for artsy folks: music, art, treats, endless hours of operation and lots of caffeine to keep you hyped up while you sit and wait for your next wave of genius to strike (writers and musicians, welcome to your mecca). I’ve been a patron of Lestat’s for years, but mostly for one thing—music. I’ve seen a number of great performers at the next-door venue including Carney, Molly Jenson, Greg Laswell, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Trevor Davis. If you know of­­—and better still, listen to—any of those people, let’s meet up and high five. While humble in size, the cool spot is great for catching nightly performances by up-and-comers (usually under $10).

Coffee and Espresso

It really wasn’t until its recent expansion and my move to San Diego that I began coming to Lestat’s for actual coffee. They used to proudly serve Diedrich Coffee (yum), but for some reason unknown to me, they now have a personal roaster who supplies a variety of flavors especially for them (so I am told). Tastes good enough—I like it. There are a handful of blends to choose from and all are self-serve. On my most recent visit though, I went for a sugary and steamy Mexican Mocha (usually made with espresso, some sort of thick chocolate and cinnamon). It’s definitely worth trying if you love hot chocolate but want a kick of caffeine. My friend returned with me for an iced Vietnamese coffee (a VERY strong drink sweetened with condensed milk).


Sweet treats included: fancy cupcakes (some with dinosaur sprinkles, hence the “fancy”), rice crispy treats and delicious coconut macaroons. My friend and I were hungry for a meal, so we both opted for a “Fancy Bagel” with egg, sausage and cheddar cheese on our choice of bagel (always, always go with the toasted spinach parmesan bagel).

The Ambiance

What really makes this joint stand out among the rest is the ample space and seating. They have outdoor patios in the front and rear, as well as two rooms with tables fit for two, four or more. You can lounge with friends on old Victorian-style couches while gawking at the diverse collection of art and sipping frothy beverages, or sit in a nook alone to pound away at your keyboard. It’s comfortable and delightfully eclectic—a great place for people watching!

Tips and Tokens

Parking may be an issue if you come at peak hours (Saturday morning was poppin’!) but there is a small lot in the back and street parking all around. Also, if you are paying with a credit card and plan on writing in a tip, tell them beforehand.

Lestat’s Coffee House
3343 Adams Avenue
San Diego, 92116
Neighborhood: Normal Heights

Open daily, 24 hours


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