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Published on September 14th, 2012 | by Kaela Miltimore

Salmon Salad & Fish & Chips @ Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Salmon Salad & Fish & Chips @ Pacific Beach Fish Shop Kaela Miltimore




Let’s start with all of the reasons I love the Pacific Beach Fish Shop. First off, quality. This place serves extremely high quality seafood. I have tried countless time to cook fish at home only to be endlessly disappointed by the fishiness I somehow can not avoid. Doesn’t matter where I buy it.  In my opinion store bought, home cooked fish will just not cut it. So when the seafood craving hits TheFish Shop is the place to be. Second, I love the options. The menu provides some awesome choices that allow you to get creative, and really customize your meal. You choose your seafood, and then get to decide how you want it spiced or marinated, and if you want it made into a sandwich, a taco, a basket (with sides), or a salad.

We decided on the classic Fish and Chips, and a Salmon Salad. Both absolutely delicious.

The Low-down

The Fish and Chips were hot and flakey. Not overly greasy as you may find at other places. The fish was buttery, and not in the least bit fishy. The batter was flavorful, well seasoned, and perfectly crisp.  One of our favorite parts of the dish were the homemade dipping sauces. A fresh, mild tarter sauce, and a wonderful cocktail sauce. They were clearly made fresh that day. The tarter sauce was not your normal sour tartar overkill, but more of a mild dill, lemon, cream sauce. The cocktail sauce was balanced perfectly with lots of lemon, and not too much horseradish.  The “chips” ( which are actually fries-in case you’ve never had this dish before) were amazing! House cut, and fried perfectly.

The Salmon Salad was a steal at only $9 bucks! Where else an you get a fresh salmon salad for under $15 dollars? Now I am picky about salad. Everything needs to be fresh, crisp, and flavorful to satisfy me. This salad was all of those and more. It was very unique. I chose to have my salmon spiced with The Fish Shop Spice, and it was the perfect choice. A mix of Cajun seasonings and brown sugar gave the fillet a gorgeous crust, and unbelievable flavor that penetrated the whole piece of fish. It was cooked to a medium finish, just the way I like my salmon. The salad itself was composed of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, and pickled red onion. That was the unique bit. The capers and onions added a complexity to the dish that I have not experienced With any other salmon salad. It was dressed with an herb vinegarette- which I also chose, and totally wish they would bottle! It was so good. The salad was very filling, definitely a quite large portion.  It made my night. I will be back for another very soon.

1775 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
Neighborhood: Pacific Beach
(858) 483-4746
Daily from 11am to 10pm

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