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Published on September 6th, 2012 | by Kaela Miltimore

Old Timey Burger & Sweet Potato Fries @ Slater’s 50/50

Old Timey Burger & Sweet Potato Fries @ Slater’s 50/50 Kaela Miltimore




Slater’s 50/50, Liberty Station Review

Slater’s 50/50 is located in the heart of Liberty Station; one of the cooler spots in Point Loma.  Built in 1921, Liberty Station was a Naval Training Center that would grow to help shape San Diego as well as help the cause of freedom here and abroad.  Slater’s 50/50 is lucky enough to be one of the businesses that call this growingly popular location home.

I bet you are thinking, “so what does the 50/50 mean?!”  Well that’s the best part!  Slater’s is the creator of the 50/50 patty- half beef and half…. wait for it….BACON!  Yep, I said it.  Bacon.

The best part about Slater’s is it provides a unique and interactive dining experience.  If you aren’t feeling any of their 10 specialty burgers, you can design your own- and you even get to name it!

I opted to design my own…because I can, of course.  Let’s start with the bread.  I chose a buttery brioche bun, and man was it delicious.  Perfect density-soft, yet sturdy enough to keep the burger together.  For the patty, all beef, cooked medium.  Reasoning for the all-beef over the famous Slater’s 50/50 patty was because we have found that the 50/50 patty, due to it’s high volume of bacon must be cooked thoroughly, to more of a medium-well to well-done.  Don’t get me wrong it tastes awesome, but if you like your burger on the pink and juicy side, I suggest the beef patty and add bacon on top.  Let me tell you- their bacon is To. Die. For.

For condiments I chose the Vampire Dip (a super garlicky cheese spread- yum) , garlic aioli, mixed greens, fresh sliced tomato, crispy grilled asparagus, and green chilies.

Overall: the freshness, quality of product, uniqueness and taste makes this burger one of the best I’ve had.

Mike ordered The Old Timey.  Now this is your all American burger.  Cooked perfectly- without onions, just the way he likes it.  The burger was juicy, and the American cheese was hot and perfectly melted.  The Old Timey comes with Thousand Island dressing, which we ordered on the side.  I think it made a perfect addition of flavor.  Definitely a great choice, and the cold crisp pickle on the side was a treat.

Let’s not forget about the appetizers and beer:  both half price during happy hour at Slater’s 50/50!!!  We decided on our favorite: Sweet Potato Fries and Panko Fried Mac ‘N Cheese.  Yes, as you can imagine, we pretty much had to roll ourselves out of here when we were done!  The appetizers were hot, and crispy.  The fries were sprinkled with kosher sea salt, and the Mac ‘N Cheese was golden and crunchy on the outside and hot, gooey, and flavorful on the inside.  They did not disappoint.

This is by far one of the best Happy Hours around- and love that it runs till 7pm.

So next time you are in the mood for a great lunch, Happy Hour, or dinner.  We highly suggest heading over to Liberty Station and checking out Slater’s 50/50!

Items reviewed:

  • 2 Custom Designed Burgers
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Panko Fried Mac N’ Cheese

Mon-Fri 3-7pm, Nightly 10pm-2am

Happy Hour:
$2.50 Domestic Pints, $8 Domestic Pitchers, 1/2 off “happy hour” beers (10 different rotating weekly beers), $4 Wells, $2 off Wines by the Glass, 1/2 off Select Appetizers (Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Pickle Chips, Beer Battered Onion Strings, Fried Artichoke Hearts, Panko Friend Mac N’ Cheese)

2750 Dewey Road Building 193
Liberty Station/San Diego, CA 92106

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