Lucha Libre Taco Shop San Diego


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve been to the restaurant you reviewed and had an entirely different experience, why did you rate it “_Fill in the Blanks_”.

A. Each contributor bases their reviews on their individual experience at that business at the time of their visit. Food quality, service, food presentations and prices will naturally vary. You may have a different chef/cook preparing your dish on your visit, the staff serving you may be different and the prices may fluctuate over time.

Q. Are you accepting food writer or food critic positions right now?

A. In short, yes, we are. Please use our Contact page to get in touch with us to review your portfolio.

Q. I have a special food event, would you post it on EatSD?

A. Contact us and we’ll take a look at the event and see if we can accommodate.

Q. Will you do a review on our restaurant?

A. Possibly, we have a long list of places to review and the list is growing every day, but you can submit a request on our Contact page. There is no guarantee that we will review your establishment but we will certainly take it into consideration. We also go in unannounced and do not identify ourselves during the visit.

Q. Do you have an iPhone/Android app for EatSD to find restaurants on the go?

A. Unfortunately we don’t but our website is responsive and mobile friendly using your phone/tablet’s web browser.

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